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"Christine is not just an amazing yoga teacher, but also person. She brings calm and serenity to what every she is doing, she is kind and really makes you feel welcome. When you attend one of her classes or workshops it is always fun and you go away feeling refreshed and renewed. It does not matter what your yoga practice is she always makes you feel that you are the most important person in the room.  I have spent many summers with Christine on Inishbofin and they have been some of most wonderful experience I have every had. I wish her all the best in her new endeavour and would recommend her as a teacher to everyone out there she is simply the best"


"This is a great facility for peace of mind and tranquillity, spacious and comfortable, to allow one to feel relaxed and renewed. I enjoyed a LIFT2LIFE Somatics Class with Jane, adhering to Covid regulations, I felt perfectly at ease, warm and walked away having felt restored. Her class was gentle, thoughtful with low impact movements and a lovely way to spend an evening unwinding from the day. Will definitely be returning!"



"I can highly recommend Christine as a yoga instructor. I have been attending her classes for a
number of years now. Her delivery is always easy to follow, and any additional information she
shares is always worth listening to. She is always approachable if i need personal help with the
asanas. And most importantly she teaches yoga with a smile, imparting a great sense of fun and
enjoyment. I look forward 2 my weekly yoga sessions at her new premises in Studio 11." 



"Christine is a wonderful teacher. Her classes are always interesting, enjoyable and very
worthwhile. She caters for a range of abilities and provides encouragement and tips to individuals
to improve their pose, where necessary. Her yoga studio is beautiful and really enhances the
enjoyment of each class. Christine shows empathy and her demonstration of each exercise is very
useful when students are learning new poses. Her gentle manner is perfect for the type of class
she provides. A.O’C"


“Somatics with Jane is such a wonderful experience. I leave feeling like I've had a massage. It's like hands off myofascial release. I feel looser, more aligned and free. Great to ease out tension held in the body in the places we cannot reach. This slow, gentle, mindful approach is invaluable for anyone. Thank you Jane."


"As one of Jane's class members I was glad to receive classes by email when lockdown interrupted everything. These were very welcome and allowed me to continue practicing for several months. I found the guidance and Jane's familiar voice very reassuring. I don't think I could of trusted by memory of movements otherwise. My only regret is that I didn't persist beyond midsummer 2020 and be less stiff now!

I have to say I am very happy to return to classes in the lovely comfortable new studio and have company in the room. Sincere thank you Jane for your generous work."


“Christine is a wonderfully supportive teacher who brings a large breath of knowledge to her classes. I attended both prenatal and hypnobirthing with Christine in 2020 and found her to be so compassionate, considerate, adaptable and patient in her approach. She made my experience so lovely, especially as it was in the midst of covid which caused so much anxiety and stress. I always left classes, be they in person or virtually feeling grounded and calm and this was something I was able to carry with me into each week. The skills I learnt in both the prenatal yoga and hypno-birthing were such an important took in both the leadup to and during my child's birth."


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