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Weekly classes

“Christine is an amazing yoga teacher. You always leave her class calm and refreshed. Thank You Christine."


Tuesdays 6:45 pm

- for pregnant women over 14 weeks pregnant

- each class comes with a topic focusing on something that may be of interest during pregnancy

- for example, the pelvic floor muscle, hormones, meditation, or breath

- The goal of prenatal yoga is to create space for mother and baby

- a sense of communication and connection

- many opportunities to facilitate optimal comfort, strength, and confidence in the women.

Wednesdays 6:45 pm

- anyone new to yoga, but would like to learn the basics


- we will cover breath control

- the theory of why breath and yoga are so connected

- joint rotation

- most used poses in a yoga class

- detailed instruction and meditation


Wednesdays 10:30 am and 5:15 pm


We welcome back our friends who have joined us before and welcome new experienced yogis. 

This is a fast-paced class for yogis that know the most commonly used asanas by ear.


Thursdays 6:45 pm

Thursdays 10:30 am

- this is a slower class focusing on joint stability and rotation


- work on gentle easing out the muscles, increasing strength, and bone density and strength


- it is a nice class to do if you are feeling stiff or have restrictions


- there is breath awareness and a short meditation


- we will be getting up from and down to the floor.



Thursdays 2:30 pm

- for anyone who may find standing for long periods of time uncomfortable


- working through yoga poses, from a seated position, or standing beside behind the chair

- the yoga ethics of non-harming and self-compassion are of primary importance in Studio Eleven classes


- these classes have been developed to make yoga accessible to everybody



Fridays 10:00 am


Starting on the 28th of January

“I went to pregnancy yoga for the first time, and I really enjoyed it Christine made me feel verywelcome and at ease.

Christine is a lovely person and a great teacher."




About Somatics
The word Soma evolved to mean “The Living Body in its Wholeness” or the body experienced from within.


Thomas Hanna, a philosopher and movement educator established Hanna Somatic Education to
reawaken the mind’s control of movement, flexibility and health.


A Soma is changeable and supple and is constantly adapting to its Environment – our individual unique bodies and minds adapt to our own experiences. This education teaches us how we can learn how to relax and stay that way.


What is Somatics?


Somatics is a gentle floor-based movement class suitable for everyone, guided by Jane Schleyer


By exploring simple relaxing movements, learn how to:
- release persistent muscular tension
- restore alignment
- improve overall movement
- breathe better


Each class focuses on a particular part of the body using slow mindful movements that help to
increase awareness of how we function. Once we begin to know and understand our own body,
we can sense and feel where we hold stress and tension and then learn how to let go of it by:
- using the conscious breath to connect the mind and body
- learn how to consciously contract and release our muscles enabling a more relaxed state
giving a greater range of movement.


Who is the class for?


The class is for anyone
- Who suffers from a past injury, accident, surgery or postural habits due to work or lifestyle
- Who suffers stiffness and pain
- Who wants to move better, feel better
- Who wants a sense of calm and ease


Somatics Classes


Classes held in Studio Eleven can be taken on a Drop-in basis or part of a 5-week consecutive block
as regular practice is important in order to feel the benefits of a more flexible body.



€15 - Drop-In

€60 - 5 Classes

Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, there is no expiry date on the 5-class bundle

Anusara Yoga and Christine - - Gmail - Google Chrome 10_11_2021

 Anusara Yoga is a modern-day Hatha yoga, the word Anusara is a Sanskrit word meaning “flowing with grace,” “going with the flow,” “following your heart.”

It is designed for students of any level or ability. There are over 250 poses included in Anusara Yoga but there are no set postural routines. 

As part of the positive focus of Anusara yoga, teachers and instructors will generally not “fix” student poses, in terms of alignment, but instead, instruct the proper usage of the principles of alignment and allow everyone to develop on their own expression of a pose.

Many Anusara yoga teachers including Christine teach in the vinyasa flow style, holding some key poses (asana) for a longer time. A flowing practice helps to connect you to your breath and the breath serves as a guide in your asana practice. Vinyasa flow warms up the body and links the focus of the class to the physical expression. Holding the poses allows for more explanation of the key alignment principle and the linking of the intention of the class to your body.  

Most yoga teachers including Christine will start the class with centring and end the class with a savasana and a short meditation, it is common to open and close the class with an OM and perhaps to sing the Anusara innovation.

Christine teaches her classes from the heart in the Anusara style, she weaves in her passions of the natural cycles of life, our Celtic heritage and nature, and may sometimes use her beloved Tibetan bowls


About Tanja Thomas

Tanja is one of the skilled teachers at Studio Eleven 

Tanja, originally from Germany, has been sharing yoga and wellbeing practices with children of all ages and abilities, teens, and families nationally and internationally in communities,  preschools, primary and secondary schools, kids camps, libraries, festivals, studios and independent classes.

A yoga alliance qualified yoga instructor specialising in children's and family yoga as well as therapeutic yoga for children with additional needs, Tanja has also trained in Integral Sound Therapy, Three in One Concepts - Kinesiology as well as Reiki, Sound Massage, Sound Yoga and  Mindfulness Practices, which she likes to integrate into her sessions. When her first daughter was born with Congenital Heart Disease in 2005, Holistic Practices and yoga became integral to both herself and her daughter as a way of life. Since being a second-time mum during the pandemic, she has focused her practices and teachings even more on supporting emotional and mental health and physical wellbeing. Tanja knows from experience that by bringing yoga and wellbeing practices into our daily life, we can more easily manage the challenges we face every day and become more balanced, relaxed and happy within ourselves.

What she loves most in her work is to empower children, parents and families to integrate these wellbeing tools and enjoy them as part of their daily lives to feel good in body, mind and soul.

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