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 Yoga Wedge Eco Cork Wedge Shape Long – 60 x 9 x 3 cm

These wedges  are widely used in yoga and physical therapy, for example to support the back in hollow back exercises; or as a support under the heel of the hands.

Fast-growing cork, suitable for reuse, makes these blocks sturdy, pleasant to use and they last a long time.

Cork harvesting is an environmentally safe process that has remained virtually unchanged for 3,000 years. This cork, from the bark of long-lived cork oaks, is peeled off the trees every ten years; this process even guarantees that the trees and surrounding ecosystem remain healthy. Cork is extremely durable, but slightly porous, making the material perfect for use as our yoga blocks. Its natural texture gives it a bit of a give, while the rounded edges and corners are very comfortable to use to support various yoga poses.


  • Natural material
  • Odorless
  • Rounded edges/corners for ease of use
  • Natural structure gives a little but still remains sturdy
  • Surface and weight feel good
  • Cork harvesting is environmentally friendly and even maintains growth.

Wedges For Hands

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